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People’s Campaign: Keishanna and “Always Sisters”

The Network’s People’s Campaign is based on two simple questions:  What do you like about your neighborhood?  What would you like to change about your neighborhood?  Residents gather together in community conversations to discuss their neighborhoods–both their assets and their areas of improvement–and move to action. Through the Network, neighbors support one another to create a larger and more sustainable change.

Keishanna is a Power Member and very active in the People’s Campaign. She was inspired to start Always Sisters, a mentoring group for teenage girls in Network neighborhoods. Keishanna shares her experience with the People’s Campaign and the power of Always Sisters:


“I love the People’s Campaign, and what’s crazy is we started the People’s Campaign at a perfect time in my life. I had started writing in my journal about my purpose in life and how I wish I knew what it was. Then I get this email from the Network talking about this meeting that would help empower communities to make change called the People’s Campaign so I went of course.

Once I got in the meeting we were trying to figure out what to target in the community first, where could we start? Bob and Micah gave this very valuable information on the statistics of our youth in the community, 75% dropout rate in one community. Then the whole group came up with this SAVE OUR YOUTH DRIVE, I had an aha moment. As many times as I walk around the community all I hear is kids talking about how bored they are, nothing to do and what really hit me NO ONE TO TALK TO. I use to be one of those teens, and that did nothing but leave room for lots of misguidance and bad behavior.

Being that I had 4 teens of my own and being the mother I am I still knew that my positive input in their life was not enough some teens just need a place that can help them open up, do a little digging, touch on topics they would be ashamed to bring up themselves, and that’s why I started Always Sisters, because now I am the space the girls can come let loose and talk about things in life they may be a barrier or may be keeping them from reaching goals in life. I try to give them advice and guide them in the right direction and connect them to the right resources that will help achieve their long term goals in life. This is my second year with the group and we have one graduating this year, one who has went from a D in science to an A, another who has went from not speaking up to facilitating groups…and that’s the reason I do what I do and continue because I am the support system. These girls depend on me, and I depend on them!”


The Network is grateful for Keishanna’s continued work with these young women!  She exemplifies the Network in action, and she is encouraging young people to give back to the community as well.

Are you interested in learning more about Always Sisters? Contact Keishanna at 502-584-0201 or khughes@pcclouisville.com.

Are you interested in joining the Network for a People’s Campaign conversation?  We will meet again in January; please contact Ebony at 502-618-5978 or ebony.o’rea@makechangetogether.org.  The Network wants to hear from you and wants you to be a part of this community movement!

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  1. I appluad all of U for wanting and making change. The changes that are greatly needed in the schools are for every child be given the opportunity to get an Equitable Education. For Instance, all students should have teachers that can Identify with students, parents, and communities. By this it would involve parents and community and it would eliminate the lack of communication , and improve students academically, and it would bulld trust in the schools and the community. And most of all, the building of trust would have a postive effect on the growth of literacy, and it would curb the paste of Slavery in the name of prisons because of Schools unsuccessulf preparing students that which is needed to become independent and productive in society.